A Special Order

We’ve had a few custom orders recently. This customer asked for a polar bear themed Mei Tai for a baby who isn’t born yet so it had to be gender neutral. Try finding polar bear fabrics which aren’t blue! After much searching we found this one and shipped it from Taiwan! On beige linen I think you’ll agree it looks rather nice.


A Babywearing Film You Say?

Yup! That’s right. A group of parents across the pond have raised $48,000 through donations to fund their documentary about modern babywearing and the entrepreneurs behind it. Their website is pretty cool too and features real-life stories and some beautiful photos. I’m going to be keeping my eye on it.
The film is earmarked for completion by December 2015!

The Little Patch In Action

Yesterday we headed out for a walk with the dogs and took the opportunity to do a little ‘photoshoot’ to show off one of our carriers in action. Up hills, along the river, across bridges and up steps…not a muddy wheel in sight! Pookie spent the journey to the waterfall on my back and then snuggled into his dad on the front on the way back. We called in at pets corner to see the parrots which gave a welcome break from Pookie entertaining himself by pulling out chest hairs (his dad’s not mine…honest!). IMG_5712 IMG_5721 IMG_5724 IMG_5756 IMG_5757 IMG_5758 IMG_5768 IMG_5794 IMG_5798 IMG_5816