Shnuggly Bugs


The British weather is unpredictable.

Carrying a baby can work up a sweat.

Deciding what to dress your little one in when you babywear can be a dilema.

So we’ve introduced a new product to the little patch…The Shnuggly Bugs wraps!


Designed to wrap around your little one when you’re out and about, the Shnuggly Bug can be worn around your existing carrier in either a front or back carry. It ties with a simple knot and comes in a range of fun and funky designs and colours.


Why not take a look at our existing designs or send us a message with a design you have in mind.

Our Shnuggly bugs are £20 each and currently postage is FREE!



3 thoughts on “Shnuggly Bugs

  1. hi I would like to order a panda snugly bug please, could you let me know how I pay.
    Many thanks
    Nicola Robson

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