Rogue’s gallery!

It’s taken a fair few attempts to carry the perfect cuddle but sometimes flaws make things special. Here are a some of my usable rejects…I use them despite their little niggles because they’re so pretty.
Fantastically dressed Mr Fox

The waist straps are far too thin but the fabric is so soft and wide that I can use the shoulder straps to support Pookie’s weight so I hardly notice it!

Parliament of Owls

I love this! The fabric is heavier than others but the colours are so vibrant. I was experimenting with a different way to cut the fabric and ended up making the shoulder straps too short so it basically only fits me!

Why do giraffes have such long necks?

(…because their heads are so far away from their bodies!)
This one is absolutely perfect but the way it’s made with the pattern reaching right to the edges caused such problems as I made it that I’m sticking with patterned panels on one side.
This is a gift for my cousin who is expecting her first baby in three weeks…let’s hope she’ll write us a review!

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