Our Design

Our mei tais have evolved over time to incorporate what we believe to be the best aspects of various styles of babywearing. Here’s the reasoning behind our designs:

Why wrap straps?
Our generous 70 inch wrap-style straps are  8 inches wide giving you all the support of a woven wrap without the miles of fabric to get tangled in. Our pleated straps, when spread to their maximum width, ensure that your baby’s weight is evenly distributed, avoiding uncomfortable pressure points for you and your baby.

Why don’t we use padding?
Whilst padding in narrow strapped carriers may increase the comfort for carrying, we found that it often resulted in hot, sweaty people. With broad, 100% cotton straps we believe this problem is eliminated and no padding is required.

Why one size?
We believe that The Little Patch mei tai is suitable from newborn to toddler and beyond. Simply by rolling up the waistband you can carry your newborn high on your chest and finish by tying the straps behind their back to ensure they can’t fall out of the sides. For older babies with good head control, the choice is yours…front, back or hip, arms in or arms out? With long versatile straps you can tie it for your individual comfort and maximum support.

Why three layers of fabric?
In order to support the weight of your growing baby all four straps are stitched multiple times to the body of the mei tai before being reinforced by X-boxes.

You can rest assured that the aesthetic appeal of your chosen design panel is backed up by a further two layers of heavy duty cotton fabric keeping your baby safely where they should be, close to you!

How do we choose our pattern panels?
Our range of mei tais are unique to the person wearing them. There is such a fabulous choice of fabrics out there that you need never bump into anyone wearing the same. So many baby accessories are blue, pink or beige…boring! You’re the one wearing it…the choice is yours!



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