How does it work?

There are lots of instruction videos on Youtube to help you get the most comfortable carry with your Little Patch Mei Tai. The way you tie it differs depending on whether you are carrying a newborn or an older baby and whether you choose to carry on your front, back or hip.

I would not suggest a newborn baby is carried anywhere but on your chest where you can see them. Once they have developed good head control you can play around with whatever you and your baby find most enjoyable.

The following video gives a good demonstration of several ways to carry your newborn. Personally I believe the first method is best with our carrier’s design. Take a look and give it a try:

This video shows a mei tai without wide wrap style shoulder straps, but demonstrates putting the baby over your shoulder to the back carry position. (Please note that a double knot is much safer than a bow when tying off straps)

This next one is a slightly unconventional approach to getting your baby on your back but I like it.

And finally in this video the child is passed under the arm onto the back (my preferred method) and also demonstrates how wider straps can be spread across the back of the child to give extra support.

Happy babywearing!


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