Learning new things – mosaic making.

As a xmas gift for my Mam I bought her a voucher for a 3 hour mosaic workshop (and one for me of course). Our first attempt at completing the workshop was scuppered by The Beast From The East which dumped a tonne of snow and stopped us from getting there, but we rescheduled for the following week and turned up at Lorraine’s house in glorious spring sunshine. We were the only two in the workshop that morning and Lorraine had arranged our little work stations in front of the window so the sunlight beamed down on us.

After a quick cup of tea (always a good start) Lorraine gave us a choice of templates to work from; hearts, owls, swallows and winged hearts, My Mam opted for a plain heart and I went for the winged version. We were shown how to cut the glass tiles and china with a pair of wheeled nippers – eye protection at the ready! We started by drawing some outlines and arranging our pieces on our templates. I had taken a china saucer that had belonged to my Grandma but had been cracked. I didn’t have the heart to throw it away so had kept it at the back of a cupboard until I figured out what to do with it…this was perfect! It took some guts to make the first break but once that was done it was really therapeutic breaking off little pieces to fit my pattern. Once the outlines were arrange we transferred them to a fresh template and glued them down with PVA glue. Then we filled arranged more tiles and glued them in place piece by piece.

Over coffee and cake we reviewed photos of our creations and looked at where the patterns didn’t match or could be improved. We could make changes until the glue had dried.

Lorraine’s workshop space was filled with inspiration, a rainbow of glass and China to choose from and plenty of pieces for reference. She talked to us about some of the work she had done and I was particularly taken with a commission of a sparrow she had made. I was surprised by how quickly the 3 hours passed by and towards the end I was worried I wasn’t going to finish my mosaic.

The PVA needs 24 hours to fully dry and so we were sent home with a little package containing grout, gloves, instructions and information about suppliers should we wish to continue with mosaic making ourselves. The next day I grouted my piece as instructed and I couldn’t be happier with the end result.

I think my Grandma would approve!

Lorraine’s website can be found here.