Summit Attempt II

  In 2013, relatively near the start of our babywearing adventures, we attempted to walk to the top of Simonside with a 6 month old Pookie. It was cold and windy and despite our best efforts to join our friends at the top for mince pies, sloe gin and xmas carols we took the hint from our crying baby and walked back down the short distance we’d managed to climb.

Roll forward two years to this morning and we packed up the jeep, put on our boots and headed into the wilds of Northumberland to try again. This time with Pookie on my back all wrapped up snug and warm we completed the 50 minute uphill walk and hung our decorations on on the only tree at the top. After a few moments to admire the stunning views, a quick drink perched on a chilly rock and a few photos we descended rather more quickly and headed to the pub to warm up in front of the coal fire.     At the age of two and a half its nice to know that our carrying days aren’t over and we hopefully still have adventures yet to come!