Things I am not…

I’m not a Hippie!

Nor am I;
a ‘Crunchy Mom’!
an Attachment Parent!
an Earth Mother!
a Dolphin Parent (no really!)
Everywhere I look on the Internet lately, people are given labels! 
I’m sure the people who pass me, out on my walks with our two dogs and Pookie tied to my back, make their assumptions about me! Maybe they even have a name for me. I know I’m guilty of such things…take the running man with long dreadlocked hair I used to pass daily on my way to work or the lady we called Heidi who wore ‘different’ clothes to us and cycled everywhere with her two children in a trailer on the back of her bike. They both came up in conversations years later along with stereotypical views on their lifestyle. 
Well now I feel a little guilty for making assumptions, putting labels on people and putting them in certain boxes.

What is a hippie? From what I understand (from the most reliable source on the Internet – Wikipedia) hippies are people who created their own communities, listened to psychadelic music, embraced the sexual revolution, and used drugs to explore altered states of consciousness. 
That, I am not!
But what about a modern day hippie?

What is it that suggests I could be a modern day hippie?

#1 I carry Pookie on my back the majority of the time we’re out (our pushchair has had a puncture for weeks and it’s far easy to pop him on my back than fix it). The reasons for this are countless and it’s become second nature having him so close.  
#2 I did breastfeed (mainly due to the fact that Pookie was born so early – it wasn’t my original intention)  


#3 I’ve recently tie dyed clothes and it’s strangely addictive I don’t think I’ll ever stop! 


#4 I grow my own veg (mainly peapods and strawberries…but rarely do they make it back to the house uneaten) and have three (yes three!!!) compost heaps.  


#5 We share our lives with a small menagerie too, two dogs, a rabbit, four quails (three of which I hatched myself – in an incubator of course), two ducks, two fish and an incubator containing potentially a dozen chickens! 


#6 I like to ‘repurpose’ things. So much so that our ducks live in the bottom half of an old French dresser. In fact, I was recently caught climbing out of the skip at work, in heels, whilst salvaging a wooden draw to make into a raised bed for Pookie. Well worth it I think! I hate to see good wood go to waste. Waste not want not! 


#7 I support locally grown produce and small businesses and am particularly fond of a Northumberland sausage or a slice of Northumberland cheese
So why do I not fit into the hippie category?
#1 I eat meat (see #7 above) and I like it! The word itself is spelt mmm…eat and I see no reason not to!
#2 I have never eaten Kale, nor do I wish to!
#3 I am yet to discover the virtues of coconut oil as the saviour to all problems from dry skin (E45 suits me fine), to natural hair conditioner (I have enough small brown tubes from my regular need to dye my hair to last me a lifetime!)
#4 I don’t buy organic. I’m not against it…I can rarely afford it.
#5 I am sceptical about ‘alternative therapies’. I think that’s the chemist in me. I know the benefits of modern medicine and the meticulous processes they go through before they reach the patient and I know many of us (Pookie and I included) would not be here today without them. I am also pro-vaccination! Very!
So are any of these things label-worthy? I don’t think so! I don’t think they make me anything in particular at all!
Everyone is entitled to their opinion and to raise their children and live their lives how they wish. I’m certainly not saying my way is the best way or even the right way. My aim in life is simple; to have fun, enjoy myself, learn more and experience new things with the people I love by whichever means work at the time!
If there’s a label for that, I’ll take it!

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