A Little Scientific Study!

This morning, for the first time in a long time, I took the dogs for a walk without a little man strapped to my back. I must say it has its benefits…
I wasn’t steered around the woods by my hair and I didn’t feel the need to gallop like a slightly awkward pony to entertain Pookie when he decides he doesn’t want to be carried but we’re really not in a convenient or safe place to let him walk.
However, today I proved something!
I know this because today, in front of a couple walking their lovely lurcher, I fell over in the mud! A full on side-slide down a muddy series of mole hills and a second little slip whilst trying to get back up. And as I walked back home, covered in mud, passing numerous well turned out dog walkers out for their Sunday morning family stroll, I came to the conclusion that with Pookie on my back I would never have fallen over!

So in summary;
This Week…
Number of walks with Pookie on my back – 5
Number of falls – 0
Number of walks without Pookie on my back – 1
Number of falls – 1!
There it is! Scientific proof!




27 Reasons Why You Babywear

#1 Being close to my baby

#2 Breast feeding on the go

#3 Hiding tummy fat

#4 Having two hands free to get things done

#5 Getting things done when you have a ‘velcro’ baby

#6 Doing housework

#7 Cooking dinner

#8 Getting through a heavy front door

#9 Doing the school run when pushchairs aren’t allowed indoors

#10 Living in a flat and not having to haul the pushchair up and down the stairs

#11 Having a second child

#12 Toddler wrangling

#13 Dealing with toddler tantrums

#14 Juggling twins

#15 Walks on the beach

#16 Walks in the woods

#17 Walking the dogs in the mud

#18 Mucking out horses

#19 Getting around the shops

#20 Pushing a wheelchair

#21 Trips into London

#22 Public transport

#23 Swimming

#24 Long haul flights and transfers

#25 Managing as a single parent

#26 Family selfies

#27 Making new friends


A Little Treat Just For Me!

For Christmas I was given some money which has since been burning a hole in my pocket! Today I decided to spend it on a gym membership.
Well, I should say renewal of a gym membership, the biggest gym in the world…

That’s right, I spent my money on a pair of new hiking boots! Karrimor Hot Rocks to be precise and with them I got FREE entry to places like this!

So with the new year’s resolution of ‘Eat Less, Move More’ firmly in mind we set off for a short cardio session down one of the tracks, and with a 20 month strapped to my back…a bit of weight training thrown in too!


Then it was back to the grandparent’s for Grandad Joss’ 80th birthday party, complete with pyrotechnics! Though I can’t say I stuck to the ‘Eat Less’ resolution this afternoon!


A message from the frozen North

In November we had an order for a cowboy themed mei tai for a customer’s newborn niece and once we’d settled on a design it was packed into her suitcase and taken all the way to Ottawa in Canada for her sister.
Well today I received the most lovely message from the owner of our most distant mei tai.
Living on a ranch and with horses to muck out, feed and bring in from the fields in temperatures as low as -36 degrees she’s managing to get everything done with her little one in tow! Don’t believe me…check out the photos.


And I thought I was doing well walking two dogs with Pookie on my back!


We are excited to announce our first January sale!
We’re offering 15% off for 2015 for all orders placed in January. Making our mei tais only £59.50!!!

*Terms and Conditions
Discount applies to custom mei tais and does not include postage which remains at £3.90 (2nd class recorded delivery with Royal Mail).
Discount applies to both 14″ and 16″ width mei tais made from any of our 17 standard colours with a panel made from fabrics sourced in the UK.
Orders must be placed and paid for in full before the end of January in order to qualify for the discount.
Whilst we aim to make and post your mei tai within 2 weeks of the fabric arriving please note that waiting times may be slightly longer during this busy period. We will endeavor to give you an estimated completion date upon acceptance of your order.