Going on a Snow Hunt

Every xmas when my sister and I were younger we went on a snow hunt. Piled into my dad’s car with a Cadbury’s selection box in hand and a boot full of emergency rations and warm clothes we’d drive up to the Cheviots or Weardale or down to the North York Moors to hunt for the precious frozen white stuff. We didn’t always find it but the magical mystery tour was fun in itself.
Well, this year, with a massive compliment to my Mam and Dad we loaded the car to the roof (in case you don’t believe me; spare clothes, water, engine oil, high-lift jack, tow rope, shovel, sleeping bag, blankets, wellies, hiking boots, sledges, crisps, Greggs sausage rolls and two Cadbury’s selection boxes) and headed South!
We soon found the White dusted hills as we entered County Durham but a glance to the west showed more promising signs. Eventually somewhere above the clouds between Blanchland and Allenheads we found the perfect slope. Layers on, we jumped down from the Jeep and popped Pookie and Pea in their sledges and proceeded to whizz them down and drag them up the snow covered track. Barely 20 minutes later the biting cold became too much and we clambered back into the car with rosy cheeks and huge smiles to drive the 50 miles back home.

Today we didn’t venture as far and decided upon a walk to the Causey Arch followed by a pot of hot tea and some food at the quickly little wooden hut cafe just off the carpark.
Our gentle walk turned out to be a trek of terror. With Pookie on my back I gingerly negotiated the frozen steps and sheet ice Tarmac tracks. Though I didn’t fall once I have to say that in parts, it wasn’t the most relaxing woodland walk I had envisaged. Nevertheless we succeeded and once again went to places we couldn’t have conquered with a pushchair.



Today’s mini adventure

Pookie wants to walk (and climb trees) more and more when we’re out! That is, until he’s knocked over by our springer, Tyke, and he needs a carry!
With two dogs and a toddler tied to your front you get a lot of comments. Generally positive comments along the lines of “You’ve got your hands full there!” My response is always the same, I give a little wave and reply “actually I’ve got one free!”


BRICK!!! A Guest Blog.

One of the nicest things about The Little Patch is receiving comments and photos from happy customers. It really makes it feel all worthwhile and that in a little way we’re helping people do things they might not have been able to otherwise.
Lou is one of those wonderful customers who has allowed us to share her babywearing adventure from quick trips to the shops on public transport to an amazing day out in London. She’s been kind enough to share her experiences and write us a blog. Here goes…

“On 29th November, Me, Jamie and Ruben got the train from March in Cambridgeshire to London Kings Cross, this is the first time doing this trip with our 18 week old son. We knew we had to change trains and also get a couple of different tubes to get us to the Excel London.
We are big Lego fans and attended Brick 2014 along with some friends. I dreaded the thought of having to take the pushchair, folding it up, taking it up and down stairs, combined with the amount of people I knew there would be at Brick. Family selfies prove difficult when bubba is asleep in his pushchair…so we took our lovely DC comic mei tai made by The Little Patch.
Oh my! It was the best thing ever, not only could we have cuddles all day long, we could do so much more, we could get more involved with the lego displays by getting closer. We managed stairs and the tube/train changes with ease. We even got all those family & friend selfies even if Ruben was asleep, we made him part of our photo memories. Jamie even wore Ruben for the first time and he kept telling me how much better it was and how comfortable it is.
We had many lovely comments from other mummies at the show. We love our Little Patch mei tai!!!