The Little Patch at Blackpool

This weekend’s magical mystery tour took us to Blackpool! The first weekend of half term has clearly drawn everyone and their Granny to the Pleasure Beach and the place was packed. The plan was to have a wander and make it back to the car in time for the illuminations to turn on!
We walked along the promenade battling the gusts of wind and a grumpy Pookie who had been rudely woken from his nap. The donkeys were out in force in the beach and the ponies and carts were proudly trotting along the seafront. Once in the amusements with a bag full of 2 pences Pookie was happy again with the lights and sounds causing much excitement.
When the pennies ran out we decided to have a spin on the big wheel. So with Pookie tied comfortably on my front in our newest mei tai (train side out), Gramdma was given a helping hand into the cage and up we flew.
It was breezy at the top but the views were fantastic and we felt quite happy having carried Lucas that we could all go on together and no one had to stay at the bottom with the pushchair

After a walk to the end of the pier and a quick FaceTime call to Grandad who had stayed at home we went for fish and chips…well you have to don’t you? I must say though, fish and chips tastes far better on the North East coast!
A brisk walk back to the car and it was off to wait (and wait and wait) in traffic to see the illuminations! Nearly three hours of near stationary traffic and we hadn’t made it to the tower so we called it a night. What we had seen was great but we were so disappointed not to see them all. Next time we’ll take the tram one way and walk back.

It was late by the time we got home and so lucky for us the clocks went back and we made the most of the extra hour with a lovely long lie in without a peep from Pookie or Pea!
The morning was spent carving pumpkins, drawing witches, taking spooky photos in the churchyard and another autumn walk before we packed up the car, said our goodbyes and headed back up north again….to a pile of sewing!






International Babywearing Week – Day One.

Today marked the first day of International Babywearing week and so I thought it fit to write a little blog entry each day this week about our babywearing adventures.
Today we took advantage of our newly acquired National Trust membership and headed off to Gibside for a walk in the crunchy leaves down the avenue.
Pookie has recently found his feet (a little later than some of his friends) and now regularly asks to be down from my back to walk. When I say ‘asks’ I mean twists, leans, pulls hair and shouts…but he’s cute so we’ll forgive him.


We managed to walk all the way to Strawberry Castle and climb the ladders to the top of the fort without complaint, but once he saw the slides and swings he was off!

He played for ages with his half sister ‘Pea’ swinging on the swings, crawling through tunnels and whizzing down slides but was still a bit annoyed when I popped him back on my back to walk towards the chapel for a wander down the avenue. It took several twigs and a handful of autumn leaves to distract him!
We ended up taking a lovely stroll down the oak lined avenue at a toddler’s pace before a quick picnic lunch, some apple bobbing and a taste of local honey before we headed back to the car.
On the way home we just had to stop for a photo (and some cake) next to this fabulous carving.

With Pookie fast asleep as soon as we got home and Pea and her dad off out to hunt for conkers with the dogs I had just enough time to make this fabulous mei tai.

Such a lovely end to the weekend and a great start to International Babywearing week!

And yes…they found the conkers!!!