The Little Patch in Action – 2+ road test!

We’ve been so busy recently at The Little Patch creating all manner of different designs for our mei tais. But we’ve also been out and about road testing a little bit too. We’ve sold quite a few carriers specifically for older children 18 months plus and have had some lovely photos and comments about how comfortable they are. Last week I tried it out for myself on a walk with my little boy, my ‘kinda’ cousin (our parents lived in the same street when we were young but we’re not actually related) and her 2.5 year old little girl. Halfway through our walk she got tired and so Pookie jumped into the redundant pushchair and she hopped up into my back. Having never been carried before like this she took to it really well and we walked a fair distance in absolute comfort. The mei tai we were using was a 14 inch one (I’ve been so busy I haven’t got round to making a 16 inch for Pookie….that and the fact I keep changing my mind on the design!) but by spreading the shoulder straps beneath her legs we achieved a comfortable seat for both of us. Just goes to show how versatile mei tais really are!



Sorry, we’ve been rather busy!

Our blog has certainly been neglected over the last few weeks as things have gone into overdrive since the creation of a rather exciting purple mei tai complete with a Marvel panel and humongous bow! It also happened to coincide with me returning to work after a lovely long summer holiday (yes, my alter ego teaches high school Chemistry!). In between marking, planning, designing and sewing we’ve also managed to get out and about a little bit too. Today we took a stroll ’round the little patch to see how it was all doing out there.
The ducks were noisy as usual

The only surviving pumpkin is ripening nicely in time for Halloween

And we’ve grown the most gigantic sunflower I’ve ever seen. Only one of its 25+ flowers can been seen in the photo! It really is amazing!

I spotted 101 things that need doing before the winter arrives but for now Pookie is snoring away happily in bed and I’ve got sewing to do!