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The Little Patch Do Scotland (part 4)

It’s our last full day in Port Patrick so we decided to spend the day in the village and take a walk across the clifftop a to ‘our’ beach! We’ve done the walk a few times before and we always seem to manage to get the beach all to ourselves. Last September we took Pookie there for the first time. At 4 months old he was still tiny so we bundled him up in a stretchy wrap and when we got there we took one of my favourite babywearing photos. Today’s mission was to recreate that photo almost a year on. We climbed the steep steps up to the golf course made our way along the narrow undulating path which winds across the clifftop. The seabirds were making so much noise and Pookie kept leaning over to see where they were which was slightly unnerving.
It didn’t take too long to reach the bay and we took a few photos but none of them seemed to look quite right and so we headed to the next bay to play in the sea. Cue one very wet baby and daddy (swimming in the sea isn’t my idea of fun so I stayed dry and watched a seal popping his head in and out of the water!)

Pookie had so much fun throwing pebbles from the bridge into the stream below and then paddling on his hands and knees in the water. Given half a chance I think he would’ve been in up to his neck!

After an hour or so in the glorious sunshine the tide was making its way in and we decided it was time for fish and chips. A fitting reward for the walk back up the hill.

As we dropped down to the bay again the tide was much further in and we managed to almost replicate our photo from last year. It’s amazing to see the difference a year makes.

We ate our fish and chips on the edge of the harbour and then to complete the perfect day at the seaside we had a play on the slot machines and came away a few 2 pences lighter.


The Little Patch Do Scotland (part 3)

I don’t normally look at weather forecasts as I don’t like to be disappointed in advance! Yesterday however we took a peek and knew we’d be fine until 2pm when the rain would arrive. We headed off to Whithorn to visit St Ninian’s cave. We’d read on trip advisor that the mile walk to the cave was the highlight and took you through a farm, beautiful woodland and then along a stream to the pebbled beach. The reviews weren’t wrong and the dogs were in their element jumping across the little stream and having a good sniff everywhere.

Pookie enjoyed looking up at the trees from his vantage point on his daddy’s back and kicked him on whenever he got too slow or stopped (a nice little habit he’s acquired). We reached the beach after a little while and headed to the cave across the large smooth flat pebbles. If the sea hadn’t been so rough we could’ve skimmed every one.

The cave itself was a little disappointing. If there was a list of rules for what defines a cave I’m not sure this fault in the cliff would quite qualify. Nevertheless it has been a place of pilgrimage for many years as apparently ancient carvings were found there from the time of St. Ninian. We couldn’t see any ancient carvings but people have scratched their names into the rock, left small crosses made from sticks, stuffed coins into cracks in the rock and written messages on pebbles and placed them on ledges in the cave. We scratched Pookie’s name and the date onto a pebble and left it there too before heading back to the car.

13:58 and the rain began…pretty good forecasting if you ask me!
Last night we got Pookie ready for bed, pumped up some tyres, popped him in his pushchair (we’re not purists, we do own one!) and had a stroll down to the village and around the harbour until the little man was asleep. Date night! A couple of glasses of wine for me and a few pints of ale for him before the steep climb back up the hill to our little caravan.

This morning I was lucky enough to have a lie in (I think I needed it) before I woke up to a cup of tea and a fried egg sandwich (I definitely needed that!). After a relatively lazy start to the day we drove the short journey to Glenwhan Gardens, a mixture of fabulous plants, flowers and trees and stunning lakes full of lily pads, koi and trout surrounded by the wild moorland it was cultivated from only 30 years ago by Tessa Knot. We could’ve easily spent the day there wandering the grassy paths around the lakes and up to the view points where we saw spectacular views of Luce Bay and the Mull of Galloway. Well worth the £5 entry fee.

We’re hoping the weather holds out until the end of tomorrow when we’re hoping to walk to a secluded bay to recreate a photo we took this time last year when Pookie was only a few months old. Fingers crossed!


The Little Patch Do Scotland (part 2)

Finally! The rain has stopped! We woke up this morning to blue skies, white clouds and the faint outline of Ireland on the horizon. We’d already decided we were venturing to the end of the peninsular today, to the Mull of Galloway, regardless of the weather but it was a pleasant change not to hear rain pounding down on the caravan roof.
Breakfast eaten we piled into the car and drove along the the narrow winding roads, past fields of Galloway Belted Cattle and huge puddles until the sea could be seen from both sides of the car.

The views from the circular walk to the lighthouse were absolutely stunning. The path took us so close to the cliff edge I was pleased it wasn’t any windier as we peered over the edge to see the birds nesting perilously close to the crashing waves.

We were disappointed to find the the lighthouse exhibition and tower were unexpectedly closed due to storm damage but having felt the caravan being battered by the wind the night before we weren’t surprised that such an exposed spot would’ve suffered.

Instead we walked down the steep steps to the fog horn and passed another babywearing family coming back up. You certainly wouldn’t get there with a pushchair!

After our walk it was time for a spot of lunch and, for some, a luxury hot chocolate before we jumped into the car and headed to Sandhead to play in the park.

The rain beat us to it and so there was no excuse not to sit in the car and eat an icecream until it passed! A quick dash to the park resulted in me slipping and sitting in a puddle on the grass quite embarrassed and thoroughly soaked. I must have better balance with a baby strapped to my back! And so with soggy clothing we drive back to the caravan for a good nap…must be the sea air!

The Little Patch Do Scotland (part 1)

Well our holiday has begun! We’re staying in a little caravan just up the hill from the gorgeous seaside village of Port Patrick. We arrived in glorious 20 degree sunshine with views across the sea to Northern Ireland. After quickly dumping our bags we mei tai’d up and took the dogs down the road for some chips and a pint of shandy.

No sooner had we found a table and the wind changed, clouds gathered and the rain began. We legged it back to the caravan with Pookie on my front wrapped in my cardigan! Luckily he wasn’t too phased by his soaking. I can’t say I felt the same.

Day 2 and the rain continues and so we headed to Stranraer to hunt for DVDs in the charity shops (there’s not much else we can do in this weather on a Sunday!). This time we got wise, took an umbrella and we all stayed dry.


Not quite the week of walking and seaside fun I envisaged but I’ve been promised sunshine tomorrow! We’ll see!