The Little Patch in Action

There is nothing nicer than hearing how much people are enjoying using their Little Patch mei tais…except maybe receiving photos of them in action. This lovely example was called Little O’s and sold on eBay a few weeks ago. It absolutely made our day to find these photos in our inbox and I’m sure you’ll agree that they look fantastic. In the customers own words “It’s hard trying to take a pic! But I love love love the carrier!







The Little Patch in Action

Not long after lunch, with not a lot to do, Pookie and I decided to head down the track with the dogs to see the trains. We saw a couple of Intercities scream past and a little local train and decided to keep walking. An hour and a half later we arrived back home after a significant detour from our expected stroll. Needless to say we both got a bit hot but I was happy to notice that my feet got tired long before my shoulders did!

A Special Order

We’ve had a few custom orders recently. This customer asked for a polar bear themed Mei Tai for a baby who isn’t born yet so it had to be gender neutral. Try finding polar bear fabrics which aren’t blue! After much searching we found this one and shipped it from Taiwan! On beige linen I think you’ll agree it looks rather nice.